The WFBC Qur’an Class — where our faith meets others . . .

The Qur’an Class meets at 9:45AM each Sunday in 202 Wingate Hall, adjacent to Wait Chapel. You are welcome and encouraged to join us.

Following a lengthy study of the Qur’an and Islam, and of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict, we have begun broadening our knowledge and understanding of Judaism.

This Sunday morning, August 31, we begin a series of video lectures by Professor Isaiah M. Gafni of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. You may learn more about him and see his extensive list of publications at this link:

The first lecture in the series of 12 is entitled, “What is Judaism?” Prof. Gafni opens with a brief summary of the series and then discusses Judaism in historical terms and context.

Following are some terms and related links to assist in preparing for the class:
MISHNAH (Heb. מִשְׁנָה). The term “mishnah” is used in a number of different ways. [W]hen used as a proper noun (“the Mishnah”) it designates the collection of rabbinic traditions redacted by Rabbi *Judah ha-Nasi (usually called simply “Rabbi”) at the beginning of the third century CE. The Mishnah supplements, complements, clarifies and systematizes the commandments of the Torah.

The contents of the Mishnah are the product of an ongoing process of elaborating and explaining the foundations, the details and the significance of the Torah’s commandments.

“Yigdal” Hymn: