The WFBC Qur’an Class — where our faith meets others . . .

. . . has become the Interfaith Dialogues Class!  Please come and participate in our lively discussions each Sunday morning at 9:45 in 202 Wingate Hall, adjacent to Wait Chapel.

After a lengthy and stimulating study of the Qur’an and Islam, and of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict, we have begun exploring Judaism, and renamed our class to reflect more accurately what we do on Sunday mornings. In pursuing our studies of various faiths, we utilize films, books, and video lectures, and often invite guest speakers to aid our investigations.

Currently, we are viewing a series of video lectures by Professor Isaiah Gafni, Professor of Jewish History at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and published by The Great Courses of Chantilly, VA.  This Sunday, November 23, the lecture is entitled, “Jewish Worship — Prayer and the Synagogue.” Prof. Gafni will address some of these questions:  What is the substance of Jewish prayers ? When are they prayed, or recited, and in what language?  Where are they prayed, or recited?

Check this link to learn more about the Amidah, “prayer said while standing.”

You will find a translation of the Amidah on this link:

Our class will be enhanced by your presence with us.  We’ll have the door open for you on Sunday morning!