The WFBC Qur’an Class — where our faith meets others . . .

After several months studying the Palestine-Israeli conflict, the Qur’an Class has begun learning more about Judaism.  You are welcome and encouraged to join us at 9:45AM in 202 Wingate Hall, adjacent to Wait Chapel. 

In this series, the class will continue using a variety of sources, including film, books, guest speakers, and field trips, to explore the origins of the faith as well as current beliefs and practices.  The class recently viewed the PBS documentary, “Kingdom of David: The Saga of the Israelites.”

On Sunday, August 24, the class will welcome Dr. Andrew Ettin, rabbi of Temple Israel in Salisbury since 1990, and Professor Emeritus of English at Wake Forest University. Dr. Ettin will discuss his understanding of Jewish Identity.

Before his recent retirement from teaching, Dr. Ettin was a professor at Cornell University, and served on the Wake Forest University faculty for thirty-six years.  In addition to his responsibilities in the English Department at Wake Forest, he has taught courses on rabbinic and contemporary Judaism, mysticism and spirituality in the School of Divinity and the Department of Religion.

Please make plans now to join the Qur’an Class for this special guest speaker.  You may find more information about Dr. Ettin at the following links:


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