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Special Christmas Eve service

We invite you to worship with us on this final Advent Sunday in Wait Chapel. And join us for a special Christmas Eve service at 5:30 in Davis Chapel!

Alliance of Baptists
The Alliance is a group of individuals and churches dedicated to the preservation of historic Baptist principles, freedoms, and traditions, and to the expression of our ministry and mission through cooperative relationships with other Baptist bodies and the larger Christian community.

Association of Welcoming and Affirming Baptists
The AWAB is a group of churches, organizations and individuals who are willing to go on record as welcoming and affirming all persons, without regard to sexual orientation or gender identity, and who have joined together to advocate for the full inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons within Baptist communities of faith.

Cooperative Baptist Fellowship
The CBF is a group of Baptist churches and individuals who share a passion for the Great Commission and a commitment to Baptist principles of faith and practice. The Fellowship’s mission is to serve Christians and churches as they discover and fulfill their God-given mission.


9:30am – Coffee and conversation available outside Church Office

9:45am – Qur’an Class – Room 202

10:00am – Children, Youth and Special Needs Classes
10:00am – Staton-Smiley Class
10:00am – Seekers Class – Room 206 – suspended during summer months
10:00am – 20-30-40somethings Class – Room 201

10:00am – Chancel Choir practice

11:00am – Worship Service in Wait Chapel
11:00am – Lord’s Supper 1st Sunday of each month

12:15pm – Chancel Choir rehearsal until 1:30pm

2:00pm – LGBT Spirituality Group**
(**Summer Schedule: May 5, June 2, July 7, and August 4 – first Sunday of the month)


6:00pm – Supper in Lower Auditorium* – Please call the church office to make reservations. Cost is $5 per adult.

* September through May

Artists Gathering

WFBC hosts a monthly Artists Gathering for visual artists, dancers, poets, musicians, fabric artists, actors, and other creative people to discuss the intersections between art and religion/spirituality. See the church calendar for meeting times and locations

Women’s Spirituality
WFBC hosts a women’s spirituality dinner at Mandarin Malay restaurant on the third Monday of each month.

Men’s Spirituality
WFBC hosts a men’s group that meets on the fourth Friday of each month. See the church calendar for time and location information each month.